A Singles Collection (Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other)


A Singles Collection 1982 – 1992 (w USA pod tytułem:”Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other”)
wydany 28/06/1992
zawiera także utwory śpiewane przez Steve’a Hogartha (tytuły kursywą), w tym dwie piosenki premierowe

CD EMD 1033

Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven) (album/single version) 3:55
Kayleigh (7″ single version) 3:32
Easter (album version) 5:56
Warm Wet Circles (7″ single version) 4:22
Uninvited Guest (7″ single version) 3:43
Assassing (’92 remix) 7:39
Hooks in You (album/single version) 2:54
Garden Party (’92 remix) 7:09
No One Can (album/single version) 4:40
Incommunicado (album version) 5:14
Dry Land (album version) 4:41
Lavender (7″single version) 3:40
I Will Walk on Water (nowy utwór) 4:11
Sympathy (nowy utwór) 5:56


We would like to thank our wives and families for their endurance and support over the years.
Also many thanks to John Arnison who has been there all along. And special thanks to the unflappable Ann Lawler without whom we couldn’t function.
Thank you Privit Hedge (what’s all this „Chris” business?) for 13 years. This album is dedicated to the memory of Andy Field. Design by Bill Smith Studio
Photography by Andy Rumball Management: John Arnison
Assisted by Ann Lawler
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The Web, PO box 533, Richmond, Surrey

(p) & © 1992 EMI Records