nagrany podczas koncertu w Kościele St. Mary w Haddington w sierpniu 2006 roku


The Field (Dick, Watson) 8.19
Jumpsuit City (Dick, Boult, Cassidy) 5.30
Favourite Stranger (Dick, Usher) 5.50
Shot the Craw (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.28
State of Mind (Dick, Simmonds, Lindes) 7.32
Tilted Cross (Dick, Jackson, Johnson) 4.22
Fortunes of War (Dick, Cassidy, Boult) 6.37
Just Good Friends (Dick, Usher, Boult, Simmonds) 6.03
Incomplete (Dick, Antwi, Milett) 4.06
Change of Heart (Dick, Boult) 3.44
Lady Let It Lie (Dick, Paton, Cassidy) 5.55
A Gentleman’s Excuse Me (Dick, Simmonds) 4.19


Rites of Passage (Dick, Simmonds) 6.00
The Lost Plot (Dick, Turrell) 4.53
Slainthe Mhath (Dick, Rothery, Mosely, Kelly, Trewavas) 5.13
Chelsea Monday (Dick, Rothery, Mosely, Kelly, Trewavas) 6.11
Scattering Crows (Dick, Watson, Turrell, Duguid) 5.22
Tara (Dick, Paterson) 5.29
Raw Meat (Dick, Paterson) 7.01

All songs published by Fishy Music Ltd/ EMI (Music) Publishing Ltd.
Except tracks 15 and 16 Charisma Music Publishing Ltd/ EMI (Music) Publishing Ltd.
Copyright Chocolate Frog Record Company Ltd. P and C 2007
Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm.
Produced by Calum Malcolm.
Recorded live at St Mary’s Church Haddington, East Lothian, August 27th 2006.

Fish – lead vocals
Frank Usher – guitar
Andy Trill – guitar
Steve Vantsis – bass
Tony Turrell – keyboards
Gavin Griffiths – drums
Dave Haswell – percussion
Heather Findlay – backing vocals, bodhran, low whistle
Angela Gordon – backing vocals, flute, penny whistle
Anne Marie Helder – backing vocals
Tara Dick – backing vocals

Production manager Kelvin „Yatta” Boys Yates
Event coordinator and Fish’s personal assistant Elspeth Laidlaw
Sound engineers Steve Rispin (Out front), Paul Kennedy (Monitors)
Back line technicians Mark Tomlinson, Angus Fearful
Lights Chris Brown, Andy „Tosh” McIntosh video projections
Cover design Mark Wilkinson from a fishy concept
Assistant production manager Gregor Millar
Web site management and technical co-ordination Mo Warden and Pete Oram (Grafixation)