EMI Records, 12/03/1984

MRL 1 (LP)

Strona A:

Assassing 7:02 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984
Punch And Judy 3:21 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984
Jigsaw 6:50 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984
Emerald Lies 5:09 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984

Strona B:

She Chameleon 6:53 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984
Incubus 8:30 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984
Fugazi 8:13 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984

Fugazi CD Remaster
EMI: REMARIL 002 (7243 4 93369 2 6) , 23/02/1998


Zawiera utwory z oryginalnej płyty


Cinderella Search (12″ version) 5:32 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1984
Assassing (’92 Alternative mix) 7:41 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1992
Three Boats Down From The Candy (’84 Re-recorded version) 4:01 (Derek Dick/Steve Rothery/ Pete Trewavas/Micheal Pointer/Mark Kelly) (p) 1984
Punch And Judy (demo, previously unreleased) 3:50 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1998
She Chameleon (demo, previously unreleased) 6:34 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1998
Emerald Lies (demo, previously unreleased) 5:32 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1998
Incubus (demo, previously unreleased) 8:10 (Fish / Marillion) (p) 1998



Steve Rothery: GUITARS Yamaha SG2000, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Roland GR300/505 guitar synth, Fender Stratocaster, Ovation Acoustic, Roland JC 120 Combo, Mesa Boogie, Roland 501 chorus/echo, Boss effects pedals

Mark Kelly: KEYBOARDS Bosendorfer grand piano, PPG Wave 2.2, Roland Jupiter 8, MiniMOOG, Emulator, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha GS1, Korg CX3, Church organ (recorded at Angel Studios London)

Pete Trewavas: BASS Aria and Fender bassess, Trace Elliott and Peavey amplification

Ian Mosley: DRUMS Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Simmons drums

Backing vocal on Incubus : Linda Pyke

Additional Percussion: Chris Karen.

Recorded Nov-Dec 1983, Jan-Feb 1984.
Manor Studio, Sarm East, Eel Pie and Maison Rouge Studio.

Music by Marillion, lyrics by Fish.
Produced by Nick Tauber.
Recorded and mixed by Simon Hanhart.
Assistant engineers: Sarm East and Maison Rouge: Dave Meegan. Eel Pie: Tony Phillips. Manor: Steve Chase.

Management: John Arnison.
Crew: Gary Townsend, Andy Field, ‚Privet’ Hedge, Paul Lewis.

Further information from: Stef at ‚The Web’ c/o EMI Records


Special Thanks to: Theresa, Keith Goodwin, Steve Hedges and all at the Station Agency, Hugh Stanley-Clarke, Sarah, Wally Slaughter, Malcom Hill, Bob Stevenson, Charles Websterm Brian Munns, John Cavanagh, Geoff Bywater and all at EMI, John Crawley and all at Charisma, Garby and all at EMI Germany, Denmark and France, Capitol Records Canada and Capitol Records USA, Jerry Uwins Yamaha UK, Nomis Studios, Rockfield Studios, Mountain Studios, NJF Marquee, MCP, Alan Crux, Andy Ward, Jonathan Mover, John Martyr, Phil Freeman, Dave Walden, Mike Appleton, Nick Pedgrift, Robin Inglis and the Kaim Park Hotel, Andy Fox, Clutch, Rangit, Julian Cull, Bill Elson and all at ATI, Darwin Dolinka-Korda, Freya, Bravado, Nigel Planer Simpn Milne and Direct Production, Pendragon, Mark Wilkinson , Andy, Gary and Paul, Tom Boyle, Phil Thame and all at Malcolm Hill’s, Alex, Chop, Kevin and all at LSD, Peter Hammill and John Ellis, Rush, Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Bob Ellis, Sally, Mandy and Helene and all at the Manor.

Special Thanks Also: Aria, Yamaha, Zildjian, Roland, Remo and Evans for equipment.

Lyrics © 1984 Reproduced by kind permission of Marillion Music/Charisma/Chappell

Sleeve design and illustration by Mark Wilkinson. Cover concept by Fish.
Pictures on the wall by Julie Hazelwood.

(p) & © 1984 EMI Records Ltd.