Return to Childhood CD


Snapper Records, 24/04/2006 (UK), 16/05/2006 (USA)
Nagrane live w listopadzie 2005 roku


Big Wedge (Dick/Simmonds) 6.28
Moving Targets (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 7.17
Brother 52 (Dick/Wilson) 5.01
Goldfish and Clowns (Dick/Wilson) 6.50
Raingods Dancing (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn) 4.47
Wake Up Call (Make it Happen) (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn) 3.19
Innocent Party (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 5.08
Long Cold Day (Dick/Wesley/Young) 6.27
Credo (Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher) 8.05


Pseudo Silk Kimono 2.39
Kayleigh 4.04
Lavender 2.58
Bitter Suite
(i) Brief Encounter
(ii) Lost Weekend
(iii) Blue Angel 8.29
Heart of Lothian
(i)Wide Boy
(ii) Curtain Call 5.27
Waterhole (Expresso Bongo) 1.59
Lords of the Backstage 1.52
Blind Curve –
(i) Vocal Under a Bloodlight
(ii) Passing Strangers
(iii) Mylo
(iv) Perimeter Walk
(v) Threshold 13.04
Childhoods End? 4.34
White Feather 4.46
Incommunicado 5.11
Market Square Heroes 6.56
Fugazi 9.42


CD2: All tracks written by Dick/Kelly/Rothery/Mosely/Trewavas except track 12 Dick/Kelly/Rothery/Trewavas/Minnett/Pointer/Jellyman

Copyright in these recordings Derek W Dick/Chocolate Frog Record Company Ltd 2006

All tracks recorded live at Tilburg 013, Holland 13/11/05 except track 13 CD2 recorded at Koln, E-Werk. Germany 18/11/05

Mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm

Lead Vocals – Fish
Lead Guitar – Frank Usher
Guitar – Andy Trill
Keyboards – Tony Turrell
Bass – Steve Vantsis
Drums – John Tonks
Backing Vocalist – Deborah Ffrench