The Complete BBC Sessions


Blueprint, 06/1999
UK : BP297CD

Nagrane live w Londynie w Town and Country Club (11/11/89) oraz w Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (15/11/91)

CD 1:

Faithhealer [Harvey/McKenna]
The Voyeur (I Like To Watch) [Dick/Simmonds]
Punch and Judy [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
The Company [Dick/Simmonds]
Script For A Jester’s Tear [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
Family Business [Dick/Simmonds/Lindes]
Warm Wet Circles [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
Slainte Mhath [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors [Dick/Simmonds]
Big Wedge [Dick/Simmonds]
Fugazi [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]

CD 2:

Kayleigh [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
Lavender [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
Heart Of Lothian [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors [Dick/Simmonds]
Credo [Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher]
Tongues [Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher]
Incubus [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]
The Company [Dick/Simmonds]
Big Wedge [Dick/Simmonds]
Internal Exile [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
Market Square Heroes [Dick/Pointer/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Minnit]
Heart of Lothian [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley]

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