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SPIS WEDŁUG PŁYT (spis alfabetyczny poniżej)

Script for a Jester’s Tear

Script for a Jesters Tear / He Knows You Know / The Web / Garden Party / Chelsea Monday / Forgotten Sons


Assassing / Punch and Judy / Jigsaw / Emerald Lies / She Chameleon / Incubus / Fugazi

Misplaced Childhood

Misplaced Childhood – całość / I. Pseudo Silk Kimono / II. Kayleigh / III.Lavender / IV. Bitter Suite / V. Heart of Lothian / VI. Waterhole / VII. Lords of the Backstage / VIII. Blind Curve / IX. Childhood’s End? / X. White Feather

Clutching at Straws

B’sides Themselves

Tux On

Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors

Vigil (wersja 1) / Vigil (wersja 2) / Big Wedge (wersja 1) / Big Wedge (wersja 2) / State of Mind (wersja 1) / State of Mind (wersja 2) / The Company (wersja 1) / The Company (wersja 2) / A Gentleman’s Excuse Me / The Voyeur / Family Business / A View from the Hill / Cliche / Jack and Jill

Internal Exile

Shadowplay / Internal Exile / Something in the Air / Carnival Man

Songs from the Mirror

Fearless / Five Years


Lady Let it Lie / No Dummy /Raw Meat

Sunsets on Empire

The Perception of Johnny Punter

Kettle of Fish

Chasing Miss Pretty / Mr Buttons

Raingods with Zippos

Incomplete / Tilted Cross / Rites of Passage / Plague of Ghosts (całość) / I. Old Haunts / II. Digging Deep / III. Chocolate Frogs / IV. Waving at Stars / V. Raingods Dancing / VI. Wake-up Call

Fellini Days

3D / So Fellini / Tiki 4 / Our Smile / Long Cold Day / Dancing in Fog / Obligatory Ballad / Pilgrim’s Address / Clock Moves Sideways

Field of Crows

The Field / Moving Targets / The Rookie / The Lost Plot / Old Crow / Exit Wound

13th Star

Circle Line (wersja 1) / Circle Line (wersja 2) / Square Go (wersja 1) / Square Go (wersja 2) / Miles de Besos / Zoe 25 / Arc of the Curve / Manchmal / Openwater / Dark Star / Where in the World / 13th Star

A Feast of Consequences

Perfume River / All Loved Up / Blind to the Beautiful / A Feast of Consequences / High Wood (suita) – całość / I. High Wood / II. Crucifix Corner / III. The Gathering / IV. Thistle Alley / V. The Leaving / Other Side of Me / The Great Unravelling


The Parting of the Ways / Angel Face


13th Star
A Feast of Consequences
A Gentleman’s Excuse Me
All Loved Up
Angel Face
Arc of the Curve
A View from the Hill
Big Wedge (wersja 1)
Big Wedge (wersja 2)
Bitter Suite
Blind Curve
Blind to the Beautiful
Carnival Man
Chasing Miss Pretty
Chelsea Monday
Childhood’s End?
Chocolate Frogs
Circle Line (wersja 1)
Circle Line (wersja 2)
Clock Moves Sideways
Crucifix Corner
Dancing in Fog
Dark Star
Digging Deep
Emerald Lies
Exit Wound
Family Business
Five Years
Forgotten Sons
Garden Party
Heart of Lothian
He Knows You Know
High Wood
High Wood (suita)
Internal Exile
Jack and Jill
Lady Let it Lie
Long Cold Day
Lords of the Backstage
Miles de Besos
Misplaced Childhood – całość
Moving Targets
Mr Buttons
No Dummy
Obligatory Ballad
Old Haunts
Old Crow
Other Side of Me
Our Smile
Perfume River
Pilgrim’s Address
Plague of Ghosts (całość)
Pseudo Silk Kimono
Punch and Judy
Raingods Dancing
Raw Meat
Rites of Passage
Script for a Jesters Tear
She Chameleon
So Fellini
Something in the Air
State of Mind (wersja 1)
State of Mind (wersja 2)
Square Go (wersja 1)
Square Go (wersja 2)
Tilted Cross
The Company (wersja 1)
The Company (wersja 2)
The Field
The Gathering
The Great Unravelling
The Leaving
The Lost Plot
The Parting of the Ways
The Perception of Johnny Punter
The Rookie
The Voyeur
The Web
Thistle Alley
Tiki 4
Tux On
Vigil (wersja 1)
Vigil (wersja 2)
Wake-up Call (Make It Happen)
Waving at Stars
Where in the World
White Feather
Zoe 25